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RussianFloristReview.com is an independent roundup of the most popular Russian Florists. When I was dating a Russian Woman (who is now my wife) I was looking for a reputable review site that would help me choose, but the only reviews I could find on the Web seemed to be paid or sponsored ads.

I personally tried some of these companies and wanted to share my experiences. Other florist resources were submitted by our website visitors. I welcome your comments if you had experience when sending gifts or flowers to Russia.

RussianFloristReview.com does not accept advertisements or money from any florist, and only accept reviews if you personally tried a service. If you would like to add a new florist to review: please follow th steps below:

1. Register with an email address
2. Add a new review
3. Email me an electronic dated receipt from a florist website you reviewed with your name on it (proove that you personally used their service).

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